3M High Strength Lens Repair Film

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3M™ High-Strength Lens Repair Films are a durable solution for broken tail lights or signal lights. The strong adhesive backing creates a weatherproof and airtight seal, helping to prevent further damage to the lens interior and electrical components. The flexible plastic adheres easily to flat or curved lens surfaces. For quick and easy repairs, simply cut the film to size, remove the adhesive liner, and apply to broken lens. This simple solution provides a long-lasting lens repair.

Product uses:

Quick and easy repair
This easy to use lens repair film helps to prevent expensive future damage caused by
moisture and dust. Simply cut the film to size, remove the liner, and press the film in
place to complete the repair.
Color and texture matching
Because the appearance of your vehicle is important, the 3M™ High-Strength Lens
Repair Film is designed to best match the texture and color of your vehicle’s lens.

- Flexible film repairs flat or curved lenses on truck and car taillights and signal lights
- Weatherproof and airtight seal helps block rain, snow and dirt, protecting electrical components0
- Quick and easy-to-use adhesive film is less expensive than replacement lenses
- Strong adhesive backing provides temporary repair

Film Dimensions 3.75 in x 7.75 in (9.52 cm x 19.6 cm)
Color: Red, Amber, Clear